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Website Design and Development


  • High end professional design
  • Lead-driven approach
  • Clear and concise content
  • Blog articles for SEO and lead generation


The hero section for EACP website


Elite Aged Care Placements is a consultancy business focussed on finding the best aged care for their clients. The website design needed to immediately inform users that Elite Aged Care Placements is about finding care and to provide help along the entire process. The landing page features a large photo with text that tells users immediately the business mission and offering.

The about section on the landing page of EACP website

Lead Generation Focus

Another vital aspect to successful website design is giving users clear actions and intent to what they should do on the site. For Elite Aged Care Placements the design has several clear calls to contact the business and to learn more about the background, services and advice they provide.

The hero section for EACP website

Dual Purpose

Elite Aged Care Placements has another business called Hale Risk Management that focusses on providing risk management services to aged care facilities. Because of this, there needed to be a second mini site that could be used to also promote this company as well. By using our knowledge and expertise we were able to spin up a whole second mini site with no additional costs that features a contact, about and landing page.

The hero section for EACP website

The Process


Identifying Business Goals

The Primary focus at Graphite Technologies is to attain the fundamental business goals for the project and for the business to grow through digital technology. We do this by conducting several meetings to discuss the project, current business standing and history to understand the company at its core. For Elite Aged Care Solutions, the use of social media linked to the website gives clients additional information and insight into how the business can help.

Identifying Business Values and Branding

Another integral pillar at Graphite Technologies is ensuring the business values and branding is accomplished and aligned. This ensures maximum engagement with their users and ensures that the business brand and image is built up and strengthened. Elite Aged Care Placements is founded by a Registered Nurse who has a strong passion in ensuring "the best care in the best place". This information is used in the design and content phase of the website



Website Design

The website design needed to highlight the business values and background while also encouraging new customers to connect with the business and/or find advice. Because of this, the site uses clear calls to contact or learn more about the business across all parts of the site. The website is also heavily optimised for mobile that loads fast and is easy to use quickly for mobile users.


During the project there were many reviews and updates to the business. Once the website design was completed, a review of it was sent to the Elite Aged Care Placements. Following the design review, changes and improvements were made when developing the site. This ensured the business had full control and insight into how the project was developing, while also building a closer understanding for future work.



In the future and on an ongoing basis Graphite Technologies will provide assistance in blog posts, updates and any other general advice for Elite Aged Care Placements.


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